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Modder makes multiplayer Oblivion [update 1]

Ross Miller

While Xbox 360 players will be out of luck, PC Oblivion fanatics can now travel through Cyrodiil together. A computer science major at Charles Sturt University has just released an alpha version of MultiTES4 ("Multiplayer [for] The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion"). The alpha release is very, very minimal right now (two players running around, cognizant of one another but with no synchronization and limited participation options). Not bad for a one-man team, though.

The programmer, known online as the_FERRET, has been working on the project for just over a month (he started May 7th). The next release is promised to include eight-player action with some simple forms of deathmatch and maybe capture the flag -- keep an eye out on the official forum for more information. You can download the mod via the official page here.

[via 1up]

[update 1: plural-form verb for a singular subject in the title ... stupid, stupid, stupid! *pounds nails into ground with forehead*]

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