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On Quitting WoW

Mike D'Anna

Burnout: it happens to the best of us, even with the best of games. And with a game like WoW, where you can literally whittle away hours upon days upon weeks of your time trying to advance, sometimes the grind can just get to be too much, as it did for the author of this article; a 40-something gamer who's guild has decided to leave WoW after becoming disillusioned with some of the changes made to the game since release.

The article goes into great detail about why certain changes, the battlegrounds system in particular, caused the game to simply no longer be a rewarding experience for him & his guildmates, echoing statements that I've heard from a wide variety of players. While I agree with many of his gripes, I've yet to become burned out myself, but then again, I haven't yet reached the ranks that the players in question were able to reach, nor have I invested quite as much time yet; I'm somewhere in-between a casual & hardcore player, usually playing about 10-20 hours per week.

The article does raise some good points, however, about the state of the game almost 2 years since its release & the reasons why certain aspects of it can become tedious & frustrating. What about you all? Have any of you experienced 'game burnout' before? Have you quit this, or any other game, over changes that you didn't agree with? Do you still enjoy playing WoW as much as you did when you first began? Check out the article here, and then let us know what you think.

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