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SWG reaching for the stars!

Joystiq Staff

In a desperate effort to bring back fans, SOE has just announced that the MMO with the mostest, Star Wars Galaxies, will be starting an epic, server-wide event called "The Battle of Restuss" that could "permanently alter the Star Wars universe!" You know, just like SOE permanently drove away tons of subscribers by blind-siding paying customers with a major overhaul.

According to *ahem* the press release, guards will be placed in major empty cities throughout the SWG land. Exciting details ensue:

  • Guards will be found in Theed, Mos Eisley, Bestine and Coronet, and will direct players to Restuss, a small city on the planet Rori. There, players who have dedicated their allegiance to the Rebels or the Empire will work together with their fellow faction members to build up their base and arms in preparation for the upcoming conflict.
I bet this is the kind of clutch content that will bring back players by the dozens to this tragedy of a game. I cry for Lucas bathing in his millions.

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