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Castlevania movie: "The whip is still in it"


New details have emerged about the upcoming Castlevania movie. For one, the Belmonts won't be making their big screen debut for at least several more years since director Paul W.S. Anderson is still filming Resident Evil: Extinction, which he plans to follow up with his remake of Deathrace 3000.

Producer Jeremy Bolt describes Castlevania's plot as a Dracula origin story that integrates the Belmont's history. Bolt promises that there will be plenty of references to the NES games, despite the movie providing "a whole new spin to Castlevania." Thankfully, that 'new spin' doesn't mean the Belmonts will now be packing heat (à la neo-vampire-hunter Blade) -- we hope. "The whip is still in it," says Bolt.

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