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Major Nelson addresses XBLM's drought

Ross Miller

Sounds like the Major is under heavy fire from the community's inquiries. Xbox Live's Larry Hyrb, a.k.a. Major Nelson, wants to help "manage your expectations" on when certain Arcade titles (Street Fighter II) or game demos (Prey) will be released on Xbox Live Marketplace, especially in light of recent maintenance shutdowns. The Major relays that the certification process can be labyrinthine, and generally those that promise certain dates are not aware of its complexity.

Major Nelson promises to post information on the Prey demo as quickly as possible, but noting that he has "a lot more work to do ... this blog just happens to be the most high profile part of what I do." No news on the official Street Fighter II, but make no mistake -- Major Nelson is sick and tired of us asking, and we might be giving him ulcers. I think the Major's going quite insane, he goes along the pavement and comes back again like he is on parade, and he is on parade ...

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