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The answers to our Mac celebs quiz


Well, we're impressed! You all did very well with our Mac Celebrity quiz. Here are the official answers:

  1. Steve Wozniak, Co-founder of Apple, designer of Apple and Apple ||
  2. Guy Kawasaki, Macintosh evangelist
  3. Gil Amelio, one-time CEO of Apple. Let's just move on to #4, shall we?
  4. Jonathan Ive, designer of the iMac and iPod
  5. Al Gore, member of Apple's board (he also worked as Vice President of the United States for a while)
  6. There are two possible answers for #6. We'll accept Ellen Feiss, beloved switcher; also Ellen Hancock, former Apple CTO
  7. Jean-Louis Gassée, former Apple executive who wanted Apple to adopt his BeOS, and not Steve's NeXT.
  8. Bill Atkinson, creator of the great HyperCard
  9. Jef Raskin, Macintosh designer
  10. Rupert Lissner, creator of AppleWorks (That one was tricky)
Thanks for participating, and congratulations to everyone who got it right! You'll receive...the satisfaction of knowing you got it right. Sweet.

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