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Trauma Center supply resuscitated


Addictive cut-and-preserve hospital sim news now, with Atlus announcing that they'll be sending out enormous crates filled with copies of Trauma Center: Under the Knife to stores everywhere at the end of July. This should come as most excellent news to those who have experienced difficulty in getting their gloved hands on one of the best DS titles available, as well as to those who simply enjoy slashing a stranger's spleen into tiny, unrecognizable pieces.

Jim Ireton, the VP of Sales and Marketing for Atlus USA, notes that the "continued demand for Trauma Center: Under the Knife is both gratifying and overwhelming. We apologize to Nintendo fans who've had a tough time finding the game, and we hope this scratches their surgical itch until we ship Trauma Center: Second Opinion for the Wii later this year." Apology accepted, Mr. Ireton.

Rejected titles for this post:

  • "Trauma Center stock receives transfusion"
  • "Atlus bypasses Trauma Center shortage"
  • "Anemic Trauma Center supply cured"
  • "More copies of Trauma Center discharged"
  • "Trauma Center is a really good game"
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