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BlackBerrys to get WiFi this year, too

Chris Ziegler

As we mentioned earlier today, BlackBerrys of the not-too-distant future are poised to get hooked up with a variety of features (if co-CEO James Balsillie is to be believed) like expandable memory, camera, and GPS that are fairly typical among consumer-class devices, but we're noticing Mr. Balsillie also mentioned an upcoming device that will include "both Wi-Fi and cellular technology." Now, we're not going to get ahead of ourselves and suggest that UMA is a possibility or anything cool like that, but seeing how UMTS appears to be a while off yet for our GSM BlackBerry totin' friends in the US, we'll all take whatever bandwidth we can get to support our newfound video streaming habit.

[Via Pinstack, thanks Gina-Lisa]

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