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Electronic House: Interview of Steve Venuti, Director of Marketing for HDMI LLC.

Matt Burns

The single most confusing aspect for most consumers is how to properly hook up all their new equipment. Component may be great but with three wires for video and two for audio going to different places, it can be overwhelming. Throw in a few other components with an audio system and you have yourselves a royal headache. HDMI can solve all that issue. One cable for everything.

Electronic House had the chance to sit down with the marketing for HDMI Licensing and asked him a bunch of questions. It is a very informative read that even debunks the myth about thicker, pricey HDMI cables as they might not do you any good and in fact harm the signal. We have got to be honest with you, all of us around the lab here learned a good amount of HDMI from this interview. Check it out.

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