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Logitec announces line of colorful in-car DAPs

Evan Blass

Japanese manufacturer Logitec -- who, as we found out the hard way, is in no way related to the American Swiss firm Logitech -- has just announced a colorful set of in-car DAPs that plug directly into your vehicle's lighter socket. What's more, the MP3- and WMA-capable LAT-FM300U includes both a built-in FM transmitter and line-in jack, so you can broadcast directly to your head unit from either the device itself or from an external player like an iPod. And judging by the $68 price tag and lack of storage information, it sounds like you'll probably need to bring along a more capacious device on trips lasting longer than an hour or so, as we doubt you'll be getting more than 512MB of flash memory when these drop in early August.

[Via Digital World Tokyo]

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