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Mitsubishi's D902iS slider for NTT DoCoMo

Chris Ziegler

To the rest of the world, the D902iS is a ridiculously high-end object of desire -- but to Japan, what we have here is just another FOMA slider. The phone, slapped together by Mitsubishi for NTT DoCoMo, packs virtually every feature you can imagine into its 110 x 49 x 19.9mm chassis: 400 x 240 display (for when QVGA just isn't good enough and VGA is a little too much), 4 megapixel camera with MP4 video recording, MinSD slot, and full web browsing at a nice WCDMA clip of 384kbps. Heck, you even get a PDF reader. To boot, the menus are some of the most beautiful we've ever seen on any phone. Our Japanese readers probably got bored halfway through this post while the rest of you are drooling uncontrollably, and you can keep on drooling, folks -- we don't expect this one outside Japan.

[Via Mobile Magazine]

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