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RIM CEO reveals upcoming BlackBerry features

Ryan Block, @ryan

Well, we can't say for sure whether Palm and RIM are going to merge tomorrow (though we obviously have a pretty strong inkling that they won't), but if nothing else RIM's co-CEO James Balsillie did let some interesting information slip today at the C3 expo. Namely, he spoke about how apparently BlackBerry devices should soon have a slew of features never really known in RIM handsets, such as MP3 playback from external memory expansion, "image capture," (which we're taking to mean a freaking integrated digital camera), and even integrated GPS. We're not saying BlackBerrys wouldn't be capable or nothin', but we all know what a serious overhaul these devices would have to undergo in order to make some of these features really shine (especially GPS), let alone to really prep them for mass market appeal. But either way here's to hoping some of this stuff will show up in the Stealth (or sooner).

[Via BBHub]

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