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WFTV-Channel 9 out of Orlando goes high-def

Matt Burns

Central Florida can now enjoy their local ABC affiliate, WFTV, local news in beautiful high-def. This station has spent a good amount of money to build a whole new set and upgrade their equipment to handle high definition. Local news is great in high-def and we are happy for the local viewers. Remember that all broadcast stations need to transmit their signal in a digital form by February 17, 2009. Because of this, many stations have chosen to upgrade their news room and take advantage of the new signals. Stations have been doing this for years now and so while WFTV is excited about their new upgrade, we highly doubt their claim as the tenth station in the country to go high def with their local news.

Do you have any local news stations in high-def? Lets see if we can get more then ten.

[I, Matt Burns, have one. Richard has two and Ben: zero]

[thanks for the tip Bruce]

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