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Brazil chooses ISDB for their digital broadcasts

Matt Burns

Brazil is happy. They have their plan for their digital TVs done. Japan is happy. Brazil choose Japan's expensive ISDB format. Everyone is happy - except Japanese soccer fans as Brazil beat them the other day but that is a whole different story.

This standard was chosen over ATSC and DVB. We used ATSC here in the States and it works fine, but ISDB has many benefits over our system; cost is not one of them. Brazil felt that the ISDB standard would fit their residents better now and in the future. This is the same system, by the way, that can send high-def video to your cell phone or car. The only downfall really is the cost. But then again if the States could avoid gas at three dollars a gallon and run entirely on ethanol like Brazil, then maybe we could be getting HDTV on our cell phones right now.

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