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Chinese Gamers Laugh in the face of Addiction

Mike D'Anna

Somewhere, Boris Badenov is laughing over his dinner of roast moose.

The ever-trusting Chinese government, which last year created legislation to erase the freedom, I mean restrict the playing time of online gamers to less than five hours per week, has recently learned to its dismay that up to 14% of players have taken measures to circumvent the restrictions, such as setting up multiple accounts in games such as WoW.

Slashdot reports today that the next step for the lovable autocratic regime is to launch a massive campaign over the summer to ban minors from internet cafes. I suppose they don't really care if the adults are addicted; you know, the ones who are actually supposed to keep society running as smooth as a sweat shop. In any case, I'm honestly surprised that the percentage of folks bucking the system is so low. If this were a domestic issue, I'd like to think that gamers would be rioting in the streets. But then again, that's never worked out so well in China....

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