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HDNet's coverage of the Space Shuttle launch

Matt Burns

Once again, HDNet is bring us great coverage of the Space Shuttle Discovery's launch. This is going to start at 10:00 a.m. EDT tomorrow, July 1st. You really need to watch this. Mark Cuban's HDNet does a fantastic job making one of the most boring events absolutly spectacular. They use 14 high-def cameras to cover almost every aspect of the launch including the suiting up of the astronauts at 10:00. Greg Dobbs is hosting the even but only to a point. HDNet has a long tradition of not interrupting the viewers experience. This means there isn't some network tool throwing in his two cents every few seconds. HDNet broadcasts the natural sounds of the area along with NASAs messages from mission control. It just makes for an better overall experience.

You have got to check it out.

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