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Japanese devs react tepidly to post-E3 PS3 [update 1]

Ross Miller

"Tepid reaction" is a phrase we have used before, in describing the Wii-naming and the Japanese Xbox 360 launch. Now it seems appropriate to add to that list Japanese PS3 developers in a post-E3 world.

A survey released in the latest issue of of Japan's Ge-Maga magazine, which IGN purports to be the oldest videogame magazine in Japan, revealed that many Japanese developers are unhappy with the current state of the PS3 for a variety of reasons. A quick summary:

  • 90.29% of those surveyed disagreed with the PS3's price point.
  • 56.31% disagree with the multiple SKUs.
  • 55.82% think the console will not sell with its current announced lineup (what about Riiiiidge Raaaacer?).
  • While 48.54% are unfazed, 32.52% of those survey were less confident with the PS3 after its E3 showing.
  • 62.13% feel the PS3 won't reach its goal of 6 million units sold by March 2007.

In each case, the number of unsure responses were less that five percent (except for E3 impressions, with 15.5% giving no impressions). While the price point and multiple SKU reactions may not phase Sony, the other opinions should scare them. If developers feel that the PlayStation 3 user base will not be large enough to support their titles, they might consider more multiplatform titles (Sony doesn't care) or abandoning PS3 development altogether. 

Knowing the Japanese audience cares little for the Xbox 360, will developers flock to the Wii?  Aside from its rabid fan base, Sony is going to have a hard time convincing detractors and unsure consumers to spend $600 on a console at $60 to $100 per game.

[via PS3Fanboy]

[update 1: Maybe it is regional to write "unphased," but having to make a few spelling corrections anyhow, the debated word has been altered to "unfazed."]

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