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Project Hacker Kakusei; Uplink for your DS


An intriguing television commercial for a Japanese game called Project Hacker: Kakusei, a title for the DS that closely resembles the innovative hacking title Uplink, has popped up on the internets. The game will place you in the role of Satoru, a detective with an organization called the GIS, for which you will have to face hacking-themed puzzles like password cracking. The commercial demonstrates effective use of the stylus combined with Uplink-style hacking, along with elements similar to Phoenix Wright's detective style and 2D anime artwork; hopefully the developers plan to emulate Ace Attorney's over-the-top dialog and light-hearted premise too.

According to IGN's page
on Project Hacker, the title was announced in October '05 when it was originally called Detect Hacker. It's being produced by Nintendo and developed by Red Entertainment and is due for release in Japan before the year is out. I couldn't find anything online about an English localization, so unfortunately we must assume that this is going to remain exclusive to Japan for now. With a little luck (and some pressure from you guys--for a start, the game's wiki page could do with some work), that will change.

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