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Samsung breaks the bank with HSDPA SPH-W2100

Chris Ziegler

A month after SK Telecom rolled out Korea's first commercial HSDPA network with the SCH-W200, #2 Korean carrier KTF is getting theirs, launching the lookalike SPH-W2100 along with its own 3.5G service. Deets on the W2100 have been hard to track down, but we know that it trades the W200's S-DMB for terrestrial DMB and comes in at 21.1mm thick; if we were betting folk, we'd wager that the W2100's innards are otherwise similar, likely sporting 2 megapixel external and VGA video calling cameras, music player, and multitasking capability. Apparently, the W2100 allows the user to text and video call at the same time, though we think that might be information overload for our little brains. Koreans readers needing 1.8Mbps of sliding KTF action best have some available credit limit -- expect the SPH-W2100 to retail in the neighborhood of $800 USD when it drops next month.

[Via Slashphone]

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