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Sony's A2000 series 1080p SXRDs dated, prices slashed


Sony's Grand WEGA 1080p SXRD LCoS-based line of HDTVs is a little closer to store shelves, since SonyStyle has posted ship dates & prices for the A2000 line (no word on the XBR models yet). Their features appear to be fully intact, with true 1080p input support, two HDMI inputs, NTSC & ATSC tuners. The good news is that the prices listed are significantly lower than when they were announced at the beginning of this month.

Prices & Dates:

50" SXRD KDS-50A2000 - $2,799.99 (down from $3500 previously), shipping 8/2

55" SXRD KDS-55A2000 - $3,299.99 (down from $4000 previously), shipping 8/16

60" SXRD KDS-60A2000 - $3,699.99 (previously $4500), shipping 7/17

Maybe Sony can transfer some people form their HDTV department to the Playstation 3 and BDP-S1 Blu-ray player departments, nothing like a price drop and ship dates moving closer instead of further away to make both products easier to love. We'll wait to see if this cost-conscious Sony extends to the XBR version of their SXRD sets before we get too excited. The BRAVIA line of LCDs are still slated for September, no prices or specific dates announced yet.

[Thanks for the tip Carl!]

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