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The Ultra TV-B-Gone strikes fear in the hearts of couch potatoes

Ryan Block , @ryan

We promised ourselves the TV-B-Gone hat was going to be the last TV-B-Gone hack we presented our dear audience, but when the Ultra TV-B-Gone power blaster found its way in our tip jar, we knew something had to be done. No longer confined to a mere singular IR blaster, Instructables has the skinny on making the Ultra, a super cheap mod which utilizing a matrix of 20 LEDs (though a larger matrix and use of high-powered LEDs is also possible) to achieve a whopping 90-foot line of sight TV outage effect. But basically what sold us on this whole thing -- the B-Gone having failed us in the past in its sole purpose -- was the following quote: "Using this in a regular sized room you are pretty much guaranteed to kill the TV no matter where you point it." You just can't argue with that.

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