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Wii launch date Nov. 6 says SI for Kids

Joystiq Staff

Perhaps not the most natural place you'd find such a scoop, but according to the latest issue of Sports Illustrated for Kids the launch date for the Nintendo Wii is November 6. As proof, someone was kind enough to send Go Nintendo some blurry pics of the issue with the release date included. As if that weren't enough, the site Cubed3 is reporting that an unnamed "industry source" has said the same date.

According to this "source": "So, at the moment Nintendo are aiming to launch the Wii on November 6th."

Now, the Cubed3 thing is a bit of a stretch, to say the least, but seeing the date in print for a somewhat reputable publication is another thing. There has yet to be official word, but November 6 would make sense for Nintendo, who's looking to hit shelves before the PlayStation 3.

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