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Breakfast Topic: Up All Night

Jennie Lees

It's tempting to get immersed in the world of Azeroth; perhaps too immersed. As a natural night owl, I've found myself (on several occasions) seeing the night through -- dawn falls in WoW slightly earlier than outside my window, the cities start filling up and a new day begins.

I don't recommend this behaviour, of course -- as I've found, one all-nighter begets another -- but it's interesting from an observer's point of view. The world is a different place in the small hours -- I use this time to grind popular spots, or level alts in deserted zones. PvP dries up, there are no raids, and you can almost hear the continents sleeping.

The breakfast topic part: How does this compare to the American servers? In Europe, we're generally at most one hour distant from the server time, so while there's something of a staggered night, there's a definite "quiet period". With more timezones to span, however, do the US servers ever get quiet?

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