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DVDO's auction a iScan VP20 for Hurrican Katrina relief efforts

Matt Burns

Have you been looking to get a DVDO iScan VP20? If you have then you might want to check out the companies charity auction of the month. All the benefits are going to the victims of Hurricane Katrina who still need help. You might even get a deal on this $2300 package that includes the de-interlacing card that turns 480i into 480p. So far no one has bid on the scaler and the auction starts at $1500.

What are we talking about here? Well, DVDO makes award winning external, and internal, scalers. The VP20 can take anything in and output it to your display at resolutions up to 1080p. The results should be a lot better thanks to a dedicated scaler. Their scalers pair very nicely with projectors since they can function as a source hubs for all of your components.

[via ecoustics]

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