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Third Resident Evil film to be buried in desert


And in our wildest dreams, it would be right next to those E.T. The Extra Terrestrial cartridges. Too bad you can't win them all. Or even one, in the case of non-sir Paul W. Anderson. He's the man writing the script (if that's what we call randomly flinging words at a blank page) for Resident Evil Colon Extinction, the third film adaptation of Capcom's survival horror series. Previously, he directed the first Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat (hey, that wasn't so bad!) and Predator castration epic, Alien vs. Predator. Speaking at a recent Hollywood and Video Games summit, in Beverly Hills Mr. Anderson outlined his original vision for the shambling corpse of a trilogy. The first film would act as a prequel to the game, the second as an intersecting companion and third as a post script.

Interestingly enough, the third film just happens to be set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, which is either a tired narrative device or some sort of meta-commentary on the series itself. The world's been overrun with undead fellows and the only survivors, which include Milla Jovovich's Alice, Jill Valentine and Code Veronica escapee Claire Redfield, must make a run for it in armored convoys.

"So that's where the movie takes place, primarily in the deserts of Nevada and around Las Vegas. But of course, it's a Las Vegas that has kind of fallen now, because what's happened is, with no one to take care of it, the desert has come back in and half-buried Vegas. So... we built all these casinos which are sort of buried in the sand." We'll take a gamble and hold out some vague hope that this will pull a Resident Evil 4 and make the series sparkle.

Or not. This Hollywood machine is rigged.

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