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Palm "Lennon" and "Nitro" in the flesh?

Chris Ziegler

Alright, dear readers, proceed with caution. It's with a healthy dose of skepticism that we present to you some slightly clearer pictures (allegedly straight off Cingular's site) of Palm's "Lennon" and "Nitro" GSM devices that our resident rumor MC, The Boy Genius, scooped for us not long ago. Now, we'll plainly admit that these look pretty much like what we'd expect them to look like -- but these would also be fairly trivial 'Shops to throw together based off the 700w and 700p. Either way, if Palm's track record is any indication, we can look forward to plenty more leaked shots in the near future to keep us occupied before (hopefully) a late-2006 release.

[Thanks, Jon]

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