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LG's 4x Blu-ray burner available this week in Taiwan


Compromises, compromises. With LG releasing their new 4x GBW-H10N Blu-ray burner this week, anyone willing to spend ~$1000 on a Blu-ray recordable drive may have to make one. While currently available drives only record at 2x speed, some are capable of recording to dual-layer 50GB discs. While the GBW-H10N can record BD-Rs at 4x speed, it only lists single-layer recording among its specifications. The drive can also read and write to CD & DVD formatted discs. The price is darn near a steal for the tech, coming in at $923 US, about $100 less than was predicted earlier. Hopefully by the time these drives reach a price more people are willing to pay, we'll be able to choose the peanut butter and the chocolate.

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