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Apple cameos on PS3 website ... wtf? [update 4]

Ross Miller

Load up the US PlayStation 3 website, and watch carefully on the PS3 unit just above the controller. You will see a quick, subliminal blip. It has been fixed. You can view the original page here.

Did you catch what it was? We did -- an Apple logo. It is unmistakable. Click on the above image for a higher-resolution screenshot.

We called Sony's PR and, after a few tries, they finally saw it, too. They were as surprised as we are. After finally seeing it, their response: "that's f---king funny." The PR firm is looking into it. We'll keep you posted as the story develops.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

[update 1: A poster on ps3forum, Aleman360, decompiled the flash file and claims to have found the culprit: an Apple product with smoke floating down on it. Did Sony use a trial version of Apple Shake and couldn't remove the watermark? We'll keep you posted. Thanks, bv.]

[update 2: According to the PR firm, Sony will be making an official statement later today. We'll update as soon as we get it.]

[update 3: If you refresh the web page, you will not see the Apple logo appear. However, you will also not see the smoke appear, relating back to our initial suspect. Still waiting on the official statement.]

[update 4: It appears that the issue could not have come from a trial version of Apple Shake, as the save function is turned off -- thanks, Celly. Still waiting for the official statement, and repeated requests for a comment from Apple have gone unreturned.]

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