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Last Call: Guest host the HDBeat Podcast with Ben and Matt

Matt Burns

Last call. This is the last day to get in your reasons we should select you to guest host the HDBeat Podcast. We have had a great response so far but we haven't made a decision yet. If you haven't recorded a podcast before, that's cool. We don't care. We are simply looking for someone with a great reason to talk about high-def with us for episode 021. Just drop us an email at hdbeatATgmailDOTcom with why we should choose you. Doesn't have to be anything fancy or professional and please, no attachments. The only requirement is that you have to know a little something about high-def, a high-speed Internet connection and a mic. That's it.

Good luck and tune into the weekly podcast Tuesday morning to find out who won the guest spot.

Ben and Matt

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