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7 minutes in undead heaven


Xboxyde delivers again with another video from the Japan Expo in Paris. This one shows us the first seven minutes of Capcom's Dead Rising. In case your world view is hindered by the rock you live under, Dead Rising is basically Dawn of the Dead the videogame -- and currently a big favorite at Gamefly. You play a photojournalist who winds up inside a shopping mall full of zombies. Lucky for you, the mall is full of all kinds of stuff to kill zombies with: guns, lawn mowers, chainsaws, bowling balls, and even the kitchen sink for all we know.

You won't see any of that in this video, though. It's mostly introduction. And like the Sonic videos yesterday, there is no sound and some dude's face keeps popping in and out of the frame. I will say one thing: it's damned pretty (the game, not the face). Enjoy!

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