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Denzel as Master Chief and other dubious movie rumors [update 1]

1. IGN Filmforce is buzzing that "Oscar winner Denzel Washington is rumored to be up for the role of "Master Chief" in Fox/Universal's film version of the Microsoft/Bungie videogame sensation Halo ... according to movie news website, Dark Horizons. IGN failed to link it (it's the internet, guys) but we managed to track it down here. It tersely declares, "Latest rumours have Denzel Washington as the favourite for Master Chief." IGN does mention (but doesn't link to) an Associated Press story about a meeting in New Zealand that ledes with, "Denzel Washington says he wants Peter Jackson to provide the special effects for a film he plans to direct, a newspaper reported Friday." So the two have met ... not a lot to go on there. What's wrong with Steve Downes, anyhow?

Well, if the rumor mill has its way, the Halo movie isn't coming anytime soon! According to The Movie Blog, "Don't hold your breath for a summer 2007 release date. Not having a director yet... a FULL YEAR after they announced the project is bad bad bad news no matter which way you try to spin it." Without an announced director on the project, they argue the Halo movie is going nowhere fast. Despite a report by Variety that targetted 2007 as the release date, like Halo 3 there still is no planned release date for the movie.

3. According to an amateurish looking blog dubbed The Movie Center linked to from NeoGAF, director Tim Burton has shown interest in a script based on ... Grim Fandango. Sure, this sounds like a fanboy's wet dream, but the quote presented is not only unsourced, it contains two major spelling errors! "Well, I'm currently woerking on Sweeny Todd, which will be released in mid-2007. After that, I'm gonna start working on a new script that was sent to me recently: Grim Fandango."

We ain't saying these rumors are false, just that they're skimpy. It takes a lot more than some unsourced blog postings to get our fanboy knickers in a knot.

[Via Cinematical; thanks, Evan]

[Update 1: fixed misunderstanding in rumor #2]

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