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Homebrew sans the flash cart [Update]

Jason Wishnov

The average DS owner is quite pleased with the games available on their dual-screened wonder. As a result, the need and desire for emulation software is a bit less than...ahem...some other portable systems out there. To even begin loading homebrew apps on a DS, one has to have a bit of technical knowledge, a rather expensive flash cart, and some unwieldy hardware/software setups. Till now.

A site called Winsunx is getting ready to release a device suitably named the "Ninjapass". As opposed to previous flash cart setups, this wonderous piece of hardware is quite literally a DS cartridge, functioning normally and independently in your regular DS slot. It comes with a USB 2.0 adapter for easy access to your computer, a convenient way to save game files (previously quite troublesome), and a multi-game menu built right in. It's currently slated as a pricey $51.99, but that may be a bargain for the kinds of illicit pleasures that may come.

[Thanks, Mike Lacks!]

[Update: Fixed a typo. Good eye Mike!]

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