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Nike and Apple Launch Nike+iPod Sport Kit (for real)

Darren Murph

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So we've been on the Nike+iPod Sport Kit's jock (har) since it was announced way back in May, and after some false starts its finally materialized. Beginning on July 13th (i.e. today), retail Apple stores as well as Niketowns will stock the $29 kit, which as you may recall utilizes a proprietary wireless protocol to transmit data from the sneaker-bound sensor to your data displaying iPod nano. If you thought Apple and Nike weren't gonna do this up real big on launch day, they're proving otherwise with some big city celebrations -- Niketown New York is holding an extravaganza to kick off the release by having superstars Mariano Rivera from the NY Yankees and AJ Pierzynski from the Chicago White Sox on site, just to name a couple. If you've been looking an excuse to start exercising again, now's your shot, so run -- don't walk -- to your local joint to pick one up. While you're at it you might as well keep track of your pace as you hoof it back.

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