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Westinghouse DPF-0701 shows multiple shots per frame

Darren Murph

You think hanging 8 x 10s on the wall is old school? Well, it looks like the standard fare of digital picture frames are getting refreshed too. Westinghouse has a new digiframe on the horizon that displays multiple digital photos in varying orientations. The DPF-0701 rocks a 7-inch 16:9 widescreen display housed in a strikingly large ebony bezel and includes an admittedly lacking 16MB of internal storage. Since you probably won't fit all your memories on that (right?), the frame supports USB thumb drives and a myriad of card formats including CF, SD, MMC, XD, MS Pro, and MS Duo. You can get your snapshot shuffle on when it drops later this month for $199.

[Via MacWorld]

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