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Xbox Live attach rate has grown 50 percent, from Xbox to Xbox 360; Live Anywhere the next step


Speaking at the Develop Conference in Brighton, England, Jeff Sullivan, a developer relations managers for Microsoft's Games Technology Group, reported that the attach rate for Xbox Live amongst Xbox 360 users is now up to 60%. By comparison, the original Xbox gained a mere 10% attach rate. Of course, the ability to create a gamertag out of the box, and thereby surf the virtual marketplace for free and premium downloads, has certainly helped the phenomenal growth of Live on Xbox 360.

The next step for Microsoft is to open up Xbox Live to our PCs, an initiative that's been deemed 'Live Anywhere.' Halo 2 for Vista and Shadowrun will serve as guinea pigs for this ambitious mulit-platform project, which will also span mobile phones. Given that many potential console gamers will have Vista PCs, and most will own cell phones, Live Anywhere could be an unrivaled draw for consumers a year or two from now.

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