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Breakfast Topic: To respec or not to respec?

Jennie Lees

Once upon a time, when I was young and over-confident, I said I'd never respec. My talent points were mine; a personal choice about the way I want to play. However, as you can probably deduce, I have respecced -- multiple times, too, on different characters.

The respecs I've done have been for good reasons; a talent misclick at level 59, an optimisation of the messy talent build I had, the realisation that there are slightly better ways to do what I wanted. Fortunately, my guild has never made me respec, despite the fact I'm a hybrid/feral druid -- I don't want to be forced into a role that I don't choose. Having said that, I am considering respeccing balance for a short while -- mainly for laughs.

Have you been made to respec, or changed your spec completely for fun?

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