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IGN found a solution for gaming lag: DVDO's VP20 and VP30

Matt Burns

IGN has had...issues...with HDTV lately. Well, rather with HDTV gaming lag, but they have found a remedy - DVDO's VP20 or VP30. IGN blame the lag on the HDTVs over-processing of the incoming signal. So, these set-top boxes just make sense as they do all the processing for the HDTV. The VP20 and VP30 takes the incoming audio and video signals and output a single clean resolution to the TV. DVDO just released a daughter card for these scalers though that can preform rapid deinterlacing processing. This allows for two gaming modes that can preform ether a one or two frame delay with edge adaptive deinterlacing. Sounds great right? Well, it comes at a price as these processors aren't cheap. The VP20 is $1699 and VP30 $1999 with the daughter card add-on for $499.

Would you be willing to spend the extra cash for no "gaming lag."

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