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The 8-year-old professional Halo player

Ross Miller

Victor De Leon III is younger than Duke Nukem Forever, but that has not stopped him from becoming a certified professional Halo player, with sponsorships and has already earned enough money to pay for his college, according to News 14 Carolina, who today did an article on his success.

Victor, known as LiL Poison, played his first tournament at age four. He was signed by MLG in February 2005, making him the youngest pro gamer in the world. Victor currently plays with Team Versus and is sponsored by 1UP (you can check out his blog here). As his website puts it: "pound for pound, Lil Poison is quite possibly the best gamer in the world." Unfortunately, no weight measurements are given.

Victor has been gaming since age two, when his dad used to hand him a controller to soothe crying fits. Nevermind that Victor is technically too young to play Halo by about a decade, this kid gets paid to enjoy a childhood we had to give money away to experience. Whether or not he continues professional gaming into his adult years (he says he is not sure), he will have one helluva good life story (and a nice savings account to top it off).

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