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Ubisoft acquires the Driver franchise


Ubisoft announced yesterday that it will acquire the Driver franchise from Atari. The deal includes rights to the Driver franchise as well as most of the assets and all personnel from Reflections Interactive Limited, developer of the series. The acquisition will cost Ubisoft 19 million Euro ($24 million) and is expected to close in Ubisoft's second quarter this year. Yves Guillemot, Ceo of Ubisoft, said of the deal:

"We are thrilled with this acquisition which will allow us to add a prestigious title to our catalog and to enter into the driving games segment, one of the most important segments in the gaming industry. With more than 14 million units sold throughout the world, Driver is one of the most successful brands in the history of video games. We look forward to leveraging the unique knowledge of the Ubisoft studios to ensure that Driver will be one of the leading brands of the next generation of consoles."

Ubisoft getting their hands on Driver is big news. Hopefully the house of great titles like Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, and the upcoming Assassin's Creed can breathe some new life into the ailing franchise. Exciting, non?

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