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USB to SATA/IDE Universal Kit with One Touch Backup

Darren Murph

Just get a shiny new hard drive and need to transfer your files over? Or maybe you're just doing your duty and backing up information on a regular basis; whatever the reasons, and we're sure there's more, getting files onto your bare drive gets simple with this driver-less USB to SATA/IDE Universal Kit with One Touch Backup. This kit works its magic by providing the best of both worlds: portability and one-touch simplicity are wrapped into one marvel of functionality. You'll get support for 3.5-inch SATA/SATA II drives up to 750GB and all IDE/EIDE drives up to 500GB -- a fancy "bisynchronous mode" copies data onto two drives simultaneously. Just plug it in, give the button a press, and you're set -- and although time is money, be aware that this modern-day convenience will run you $42.

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