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New custom firmware released [update 2]

Chris Powell

QJ has just posted a story on a homebrew developer by the name of Dark_Alex who has just released his very own custom firmware. There are some pretty cool features in this build, and, if you can't tell, this is pretty big news since this may open the floodgate for more homebrew developers to do the same. And that means we may see some features we've been waiting for that Sony hasn't given us yet.

Here are its features:

  • Execution of normal PBPs
    - With this, you don't need two similar folders in the PSP/GAME folder to run a homebrew.
  • Hide corrupted icons
  • Skip Sony logo and UMD auto-execution at the startup
  • Hold R button during startup to enter Recovery Mode
    Recovery Mode enables you to use a execute a program via USB during startup. With this, you can upgrade or downgrade your PSP's firmware and possibly unbrick your PSP if it was caused by the installation of corrupted fonts, videos and sounds to the flash.
  • Auto-execution of a program at the startup
    - This is nice if you have a program you want to boot immediately during startup.
While most of the features seem to enable the PSP to run a bit better, the Recovery Mode is a huge breakthrough. With the ability to possibly unbrick certain bricked PSPs, it's certainly a promising piece of work. However, you should be warned that installing this firmware could result in your PSP being bricked.

See the link for information to install the firmware.

[update 1: fixed a weirdly worded sentence]
[update 2: PBP, not public broadcasting station- thanks K & SuicideNinja]

[Via QJ]

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