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The next Game Boy should be... a PSP


You won't see too much Nintendo reporting on PSP Fanboy. However, this roundtable editorial on Nintendojo was just too good to pass up. Nintendo has stated that the Nintendo DS was a third pillar, to supplement the Gamecube Wii and the Game Boy Advance. So, what if Nintendo actually made a single-screen follow-up to the Game Boy, to debut at next year's E3? Here's what the some of the editors at Nintendojo wanted from the hypothetical next Game Boy:

  • "The next handheld would be as powerful as the GameCube."
  • "Add some basic multimedia features in the mix."
  • "Optical discs (moreover discs the size of GameCube discs)"
  • "Downloadable retro games."
  • "A single, vivid widescreen display."
  • "A 1 GB memory stick that acts as a 'hard drive'"
  • "An analog 'disc' or 'nub' control."
Does any of this sound familiar? There's lots of other suggestions brought up by the Nintendojo crew, but I think it's pretty obvious that many of them would love the PSP.

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