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Blu-ray on the go?


Your next automobile purchase may have an option for not just the DVD players available in so many cars today, but a Blu-ray player. That's what Panasonic had to say to Technoride, they expect to be able to sell a ruggedized player with the capability to read Blu-ray discs in the next year. While they won't be adding 1080p screen resolution to a 7-inch display, this way people can bring along their new Blu-ray discs (since there won't be any Blu-ray/DVD hybrid discs) on trips without buying additional DVD copies, or they can burn large amounts of SD content onto a single Blu-ray disc. All the same, 2007 might be the year when that Escalade on 22-inch rims in front of you sports a Blu-ray sticker on the bumper.

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