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Nintendo DS Lite cracks on hinge

Blake Snow

Reports of cracked hinges on DS Lites are coming in from various sites, including our own, and Nintendo doesn't appear to be eating the cost to fix the first incidents. MaxConsole writes: "The amount of people who have come forward to display and tell the community that the DS Lite hinge is cracked has been growing by the hours. We now have four pictures submitted by different DS Lite owners of the left hinge cracking and at least eight confirming the problem."

We're not sure if this is just an isolated issue, but one gamer who says he treated his now cracked DS Lite like a new born baby was told by Nintendo that the warranty doesn't cover the crack, and it will cost $50 (nearly 40% of the system's purchase price) to fix. Any Joystiqers having issues with cracked DS Lite hinges?

[Thanks to all that sent this in]

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