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RUMOR: Circuit City to sell Mitsubishi and JVC TVs

Matt Burns

We have some unconfirmed, but yet it comes from reliable sources, that Circuit City is going to announce sometime soon that they are going to start selling Mitsubishi and JVC HDTVs. So far all we know is that The City is going to sell Mitsubishi plasmas and LCDs; hopefully, they are going to sell their DLPs too. We don't know much about their role with JVC just yet, but we are hoping that this announcement is going to made soon so we can get more info. This could give the consumers a choice for different types of DLPs rather then Samsungs in Circuit City. It seems that Circuit City is really pushing the mid to high-end home CE market. This seems to be the opposite of what Best Buy is doing with making more in-house branded products. Case in point if these TVs do develop but also, Circuit City is also going to sell Denon and Boston Acoustics products as they are pushing out Harmon Kardon and Infinity.

We will keep you updated on this as it hopefully move from a rumor to news.

[thanks to everyone that sent this in]

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