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The tale of GameSpot's vanishing LocoRoco review

Ross Miller

One observant Joystiq reader noticed that a GameSpot review for LocoRoco, with a score of 7.7, went up and then quickly went M.I.A. As GameSpot does not generally re-review games, we contacted GameSpot's Alex "gut-punch" Navarro for the definitive word on the matter:

We did indeed have a review of LocoRoco up for the GameSpot UK site, since the game is out there. However, we're still in the process of forming a definitive policy with regards to GameSpot UK and reviews, and the decision was made to hold off on the review until the North American version hits. Unfortunately, this decision was made after the review went up, hence the confusion.

So basically, it's not a matter of us changing the score or anything like that. We just decided to skip out on reviewing the import version and will revisit the game when the US version comes out.

Upon further pestering inquiry, Navarro revealed that the phantom LocoRoco review may never see the light of day. "As of right now," he said, "the best way to describe it is that there is no review for LocoRoco at this time." GameSpot will review the US version of the game and publish that review when they receive it to "see if any content has been added/ changed/ removed and so on and so forth." Look for that closer to its LocoRoco's US release in September.

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