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Ask HDBeat: Is DIRECTV ever gonna release their MPEG 4 HD DVR?

Ben Drawbaugh

Dennis Roy writes in to ask: Is DIRECTV ever gonna release their MPEG 4 HD DVR - have you guys used it? What's the OS like?

Dennis we are all wondering the same thing. In January at CES they claimed it would be available 2nd quarter of this year, well that has come and gone and there has been no official announcement by DIRECTV, we know big surprise. We were able to find an email from DIRECTV posted on that states the unit will be available this fall which jives with news from the AVSForum. Even if this is true it could mean sometime between September 21st and December 21st. Either way it is bad news for those holding out for a HD DVR.

As for the user interface everything indciates it will be like the SD version of DIRECTV's DVR, which is good, but it's no TiVo.

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