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Gears of War still TBD, Too Human could slip to 2007


Two of Microsoft's most important titles planned for 2006 are still without public release dates. Last Friday, temporarily posted an October 2 release date for Gears of War -- the same date used by several online retailers. This date was later revoked, replaced with "TBD." Similarly, Too Human's release date had been listed as "TBD 2006," but has since been revised to just "TBD."

While 'Emergence Day' -- that's slang for 'Gears of War release date' -- will most certainly hit in 2006, chances are, Too Human will slip into 2007. Too Human's E3 build was incredibly rough, and there's no sense in rushing a final version before the year's out, especially since you run the risk of releasing in Gears' shadow -- not to mention the other guys' console launches.

As for Gears of War, October sounds about right. Judging from the E3 build, the game is certainly on track for that date. Plus, it would be wise to release Gears in advance of PlayStation 3 -- and Wii too. No game is going to stand up to the wave of hype that will flood our senses when those consoles drop. But, release Gears a month before the PS3 launch, get us hooked -- get us a bit distracted -- and you might capture some brand loyalty -- a lil' mindshare -- and generate enough word of mouth to convince holiday shoppers that Xbox 360 is, not just the only console readily available, but the console with a killer-app to boot.

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