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HDBeat Podcast 022 - 07.18.06

Ben Drawbaugh
The entire HD Beat is crew is here for the first time as Podcast number 22 goes down as the first with 4 hosts, including our newest team member Erik Hanson. Of course more people means more opinions and more time so I hope you like your Podcasts long. We think you will as we have some interesting dialog, Ben continues to badger anyone who doesn't agree with him, but we can give as much as we can take and the rest of us let him have it.

Lots of HD DVD vs Blu-ray news this week, yeah we know big surprise, but we all had something to say about Major Nelson's interview, as well as other announcements and opinions. We are all going to be doing the Podcast together from this point forward and while we realize they might be longer, we are interested in knowing if we run too long, so feel free to post your comments and let us know if we should keep it shorter. Of course that doesn't mean we will change it, but at least you will feel better after you rant. We know we always do!

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Ben Drawbaugh, Matt Burns, Erik Hanson and Richard Lawler.

Ben Drawbaugh

1:09:55, 32 MB, MP3

Dan Rather is coming to HDNet
Samsung shipping LED based DLP - HL-S5679W
Warner announces first Blu-ray releases; plans big third, fourth quarter for HD DVD
Disney announces Blu-ray launch titles & exclusive "Blu-scape" content
Pioneer now shipping the Elite PureVision PRO-FHD1 1080p plasma
First HD DVD porn goes on sale in Japan - safe for work
Major Nelson's podcast on HD DVD vs. Blu-ray
ATI to supply the Xbox 360 HD DVD decoder
Why HD DVD will prevail: My opinion three months later
SelectaVision VideoDiscs Vs. LaserDisc
Is anyone getting syndicated HD?
Fox Widescreen is not HD!


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