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Pre-order Sony's Designer LCD TV/Audio system - Esprit TAV-L1/R

Matt Burns

Anyone remember that funky looking, self-standing, LCD/all-in-one home audio system Sony announced a few months ago? We sure forgot about it till we peeped it on Sony's website as being available for pre-order and shipping in October. The overall package is rather nice looking and we are sure there is a market for it, but at $3,999 for a 32-inch LCD, it is a little too pricey for our taste. It does have dual subwoofers, dual HDMI, and that cool looking slide down speakers/LCD cover that comes in a wide range of colors. The only major downfall we see, besides the $3,999 sticker price, is that the set is just a monitor - there is no tuner. This system would look nice just sitting all by itself. Who would want to wreck that look by adding a set-top box?

Anyway, if this is your type of thing, jump on over to Sony's site to pre-order one for yourself.

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